6 blades, 3 balanced pairs, created to interact and act together:
1 to link thm all and control them
1 to control time – Temporal Destiny
1 created from the heart of their world – The Purifier
1 from the cold frigid ice of the north – The Castrophonius
1 to control life – The Spark
1 to control deal – The Dash Creator

How does one reassemble a sword when they have no idea how many segments there are, or where they are? How do they find each blade? What is the connection between the blades? How do they fit together? Why do they go together?

Tatiana, a 16 year old scullery maid, and play toy, whose destiny to find the blades, reassemble a sword she has never heard of crying out for her attention. Forbidden to handle anything bigger than a paring knife, how is she going to wield a sword? Where does she find the courage to step out and fulfill her destiny? Just what is that destiny?

Four unlikely travelers, all brought together by a sequence of events that none could have predicted in search for one that is called The Chosen One.

A Dwarf, Hornswoggles Gideaon Blackheart or simply Horny to his friends. Trained in all matters concerning the shadows. A master with blades, capable of slipping from sight at the flick of a wrist. A thief by trade, and assassin by choice, who has seen more than he cares to remember; Much too old to care, but still young enough to know better and enjoy it.

A Human healer, Varook Sakarov, the historian, cook and administrator. An adept Majik User, timid, definitely out of his element, loyal and fiercely protective. Clearly on his way to becoming his master’s replacement but with a lot left to learn. His emotions are put to the test as he cares for this band of misfits.

A Night Elf Ranger, Adanac Neriad, master markswoman, deadly swords-woman, loyal follower, body guard and lover. Her tracking abilities are second to no one, her ability to move unseen or unheard mind chilling. Her constant companion, a large saber-cat at first then a cobalt wolf, always at her side.

A Forest Elf, Colonel Snooklepig McFiggins. Emissary of the House of Glacerton, Commander of his Lord’s personal guard, shape shifting Druid. An adept fighter a dire bear, stealthy tracker as a shadow cat, and someone that flies with wild abandonment as a majestic eagle.

An unlikely group, each with a role to play, each with a mission to fulfill. Will they fit together? Can they help guide Tatiana to her ultimate goal? Will she willingly take up her quest? Will she fuilfill her destiny? Can she reassemble the sword?

Each linked to one, all created for each other. One blade dependant on another, all needed to complete the Eye of Zul. Can The Chosen One pass the test? Can she combine the blades. Control them. Use them? Or will they consume her, her fate to die alone, cold in an unmarked grave?

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