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The Eye of Zul is what some refer to as high fantasy. Come back frequently and discover the characters as they grow. I will take you on side trips, down rabbit holes and into warrens as we discover the background behind each character.

This is a long series, to date there will be 6 books. Four have been written, number 5 is being drafted. Book 1 is going through that painful editing stage. It has to be done, but it is not something I enjoy doing. Book1 -‘The Epic Journey Begins’ is the history of why and how the Eye of Zul was created. You will be introduced to two bards, Anorac & Kaori, 2 bards, that are thrust into an epic quest to have a sword built that will be used to battle evil, and seal the portal created by an evil goddess.

Book 2 – ‘The Blade of Binding’ begins centuries later when a direct descendant of Anorac & Kaori, discovers her fathers real identity. She is accompanied by Adanac Neriad, a night elf huntress, Varook Sakarov, a human healer, Captain Snooklepig McFiggins a night elf druid and emissary for the house of Grizzleton of the Highlands of Glacerton, Hornswoggle Gideaon Blackheart, known as Horny by his close friends. They join Tatiana, a young indentured girl on a quest of a lifetime, as she struggles with her past, and wrestles with the future and what it holds.

Over the next several weeks we will discover these characters, their passions, their fears, what drives them. I look forward to you joining the adventure, and follow in their development. Expect to see book 1 available for purchase early 2012, unless we manage to finish the editing process earlier.

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