Free or not so Free

My writing career has reached a milestone. The stories keep coming, the editing is getting easier and I actually see an improvement in my skills. I keep putting them on paper, polishing them until I have something I am proud of. I have a few colleagues, friends, that will take the time and read through my work and make suggestions on how to improve my work.

If I continue to offer my books for sale on Amazon, or Smashwords, or even privately is extremely rewarding. Holding a printed version of my book in my hands was a dream come true, even if it was only a copy printed at a local printer. I fully understand the excitement one must feel when their books hit the shelves of their local bookstores.

But I have a problem. It costs me money to make money and it creates a whole new set of problems. I have reached the decision that it is time to take my books off of Amazon & Smashwords permanently. It was never about making money but creating a world the reader would be grabbed and pulled in to, unable to stop reading. I hope this is what I will accomplish. Will me readership base increase? I have no idea. But if I encourage people to read the books, share them with their friends maybe a fan base will follow.

Who knows what the future can or will hold. I can only do what is right for my family now, and let the future unfold as the story is yet to be written.

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