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I have decided to Give my eBooks away for FREE. There is no catch, it is not a gimmick. I want to share them with anyone who would like to read them. Enjoy, they were a labour of love and check back often for new ones that have been added.

Instead of paying for these books please consider making a donation to either of these organizations. The work they do with the homeless and the forgotten is rewarding and definitely required.

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Dragon Slayer  cover

The year is 2850, and at the age of 12 everyone is taught how to reshape their personal demons into dragons. At the age of 18 with the help of a crew of Dragon Slayers you begin to face them. Can you tame then or will you have to kill them? What happens when a real dragon is slipped into the mix? Can they tell the difference? Can they survive?

Removed for Rewrite, Second Edition available soon on Amazon.com
30 Jan 2019

Loq’rim’s Gambit   cover

In a land filled with magic who police’s the users? Loq’rim is faced with a unique opportunity to create a system that is fair and just. But all actions have a consequence that is either good or bad. Which one will he choose?

Removed for Rewrite, Second Edition available soon on Amazon.com
3 March 2019

Duplicity resized


The dragons are moving, magic is threatened across several realms. Careful plans that have taken centuries to mature are starting to produce the desired results. Can one girl, an orphan claim her rightful place as dragonmaster and win a mufti-level game of chess against an unknown foe?

Duplicity – Ken Byars – ePub
Duplicity – Ken Byars – MOBI
Duplicity – Ken Byars – AZW3
Duplicity – Ken Byars – PDF

Shadowcast resizedShadowcats, The Unseen Protectors

An ancient order of protectors recruit a new member into their ranks. A cripple with a mind that can solve any mechanical puzzle known to man. He is dragged into a fight with an ancient form of evil. Can they work together to replace an ancient artifact to its proper resting place or will a Pandora’s box be opened up driving the world into an ultimate cess pool of evil?

Shadowcats – Ken Byars – ePub
Shadowcats – Ken Byars – MOBI
Shadowcats – Ken Byars – AZW3
Shadowcats – Ken Byars – PDF

The Saga of the Eye of Zul

Book 1 – Eye of Zul rsz_1_-_eye_of_zul_with_text

A new sword needs a master. Follow Anorac’s journey as he and his wife, Kayoree, invoke the binding of oath’s given centuries before. Dragons, Giants, Gnomes, Dwarves, Night Elves and Humans must all do their part in building the blades. Will they succeed in completing them before the balance between good & evil is upset?

Eye of Zul – Book 1 – Ken Byars – ePub
Eye of Zul – Book 1 – Ken Byars– MOBI
Eye of Zul – Book 1 – Ken Byars– AZW3
Eye of Zul – Book 1 – Ken Byars – PDF


Book 2 – Temporal Destiny

Evil is determined to once again upset the balance between good and bad. The sword is calling, but who is answering? Four unlikely adventurers and an unknown heroine must reassemble the sword. Can they find the missing blades? Join them as decide how to proceed

Eye of Zul – Book 2 – Ken Byars – ePub
Eye of Zul – Book 2 – Ken Byars – MOBI
Eye of Zul – Book 2 – Ken Byars – AZW3
Eye of Zul – Book 2 – Ken Byars – PDF


Book 3 – The Purifier

The Lost City of the Dwarves holds the secret of a missing blade. The group, held together by their commitment to Tatiana must find their way into the city. They will face perils that threaten to atop them. Will Snowdance’s prophecy that one of them will die come true? Join us as we face new challenges that threatens to tear their fragile group apart.

Eye of Zul – Book 3 – Ken Byars – ePub
Eye-of-Zul-Book-3- Ken-Byars   – MOB
Eye of Zul – Book 3 – Ken Byars – AZW3
Eye of Zul – Book 3 – Ken Byars – PDF


Book 4 – Castrophonius

Varook, forever complaining about being cold is forced to enter the Land of the Giants, a frozen wasteland. Join our adventurers as they face down political corruption, scheming Trolls and a dragon with an attitude while they search for the next missing blade. Can they balance the sword or will the unbalanced power tear Tatiana apart?

Eye of Zul – Book 4 – Ken Byars – ePub
Eye of Zul – Book 4 – Ken Byars – MOBI
Eye of Zul – Book 4 – Ken Byars – AZW3
Eye of Zul – Book 4 – Ken Byars – PDF

rsz_15_-_the_spark_coverBook 5 – The Spark

Tatiana and her group have found the first four blades. The sword is balanced, once again, but yearns to be complete. It pulls, drives, leads the group deep into the southern oceans to a small group of Islands controlled by the Gnomes. They are an untrusting, rude, cantankerous people whose control of the Gateway to the Underworlds has created a greed that is surpassed by nothing they have met before. Forced to walk through the Underworlde, while avoiding the dead Tatiana must face her toughest test to date; her brother.

The Blade of Arcanity, the blade of death, demands to be balanced. Tatiana and her friends must find the last blade and quickly. Dorganna’s claim on their world is almost complete. Can she find the Blade of Life, reassemble her sword and learn how to control it? Or will she become another blood stain under Dorganna’s heel as she finally seeks to control the world?

Eye of Zul – Book 5 – Ken Byars -ePub
Eye of Zul – Book 5 – Ken Byars -MOBI
Eye of Zul – Book 5 – Ken Byars – AZW3
Eye of Zul – Book 5 – Ken Byars – PDF

Book 6EoZ Book 6

The story finally comes to an end. Tatiana and her friends must face one last challenge after they find the last blade held by the Elves. Or do they? Defeating Dorganna leads to larger problems as they must now lead a life as normal as possible. Can they honour Horny’s memory? Can they retreat into an area where they will be left alone?

Eye of Zul – Book 6 – Ken Byars – ePub
Eye of Zul – Book 6 – Ken Byars – MOBI
Eye of Zul – Book 6 – Ken Byars – PDF
Eye of Zul – Book 6 – Ken Byars – AZW3

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  1. Martin Bueno said: An eclectic mixture of Dragon based stories. Well done Ken. A writer with an abundance of imagination. Regards, Martin Bueno aka the Rainbow Alchemist
  2. Carol Everson said: I just love Dragons, an magic stories first time here and looking forward to reading your stories.
  3. Kendrick de Lepper said: Looking forward to being inspired :)
    • Ken Byars said: I hope you enjoy them. Book 6 of the series should be up soon as well as 2 new books that I am working on. I look forward to any of your comments K

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