Death and how we deal with it

Today, marked a very huge turning point in my life. I had to put to sleep my companion of 11 years. She was a faithful, loving, never judging friend who was always waiting for me to come home. She took to her role as my protector with a zeal we could all learn from. But her pain eventually got the best of her, her actions began to degrade until they became a safety issue not only for her but for those around her.

I will never forget Jasmine, “Jazzy” as I came to call her. Her quiet reassuring presence in times of trouble provided me with a grip on reality when I needed it most. We got her 11 years ago, somewhat of a rescue, where she had been abused by up to 4 previous owners, we could never determine how many she actually had. It look 3 days of hard work to break through her “I hate men” attitude, even if meant getting bit several times, and cost me a kilogram of cheese, it was worth it. I had a friend that would go for walks with me, regardless of the weather, who would play with me, even when i didn’t want to. That would supervise the removal of snow from the car, barking that we didn’t put it where she wanted it.

I will miss her big brown eyes when we eat steak, or chicken, or pizza; just about anything as far as she was concerned was her food. Jazzy you were a good friend, a faithful and loyal dog, and yes people, even a valued member of our family. I will truly miss you, perhaps more than all our pets before you, because at the end, you were more than just my dog, you were a friend and a very important part of my life. You have left a big hole in my heart that will be hard to fill.

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