Character Intros

Temporal Destiny Cover Art & Character Introductions

rsz_2_-_temporal_destiny_coverThe cover design for Temporal Destiny has arrived and I am really excited. I never thought that would happen, but Erica has outdone herself.  The decision to go with the same basic design but alter the title and cover colour makes the series easier to follow and locate.

In Temporal Destiny we meet a completely new cast of characters. Set hundreds of years into the future we find Dorganna back up to her tricks. Only this time the task is not to create a sword but to find the 6 blades and reassemble them. Changes have occurred to their world, people have forgotten the purpose of the sword and even the location.

Tatiana, a…continue reading ⇒

Whose Cup is it?

What started out as a favour for my next door neighbour has morphed into an idea for a new book. But I am getting ahead of myself. Bruce approached me after listening to my descriptions of parts of my series that I am working on and asked if I could write the backstory for a character he had developed in a local D&D group. I said yes, needing a diversion at the time from editing.

The first of 5 characters came out of the discussion. Grog, a Barbarian is shunned in his clan and forced to leave. Freeda, a Halfling with a chip on her shoulder larger than her full 4′ stature wants to become an aggressive spell caster. Not…continue reading ⇒