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Free or not so Free

My writing career has reached a milestone. The stories keep coming, the editing is getting easier and I actually see an improvement in my skills. I keep putting them on paper, polishing them until I have something I am proud of. I have a few colleagues, friends, that will take the time and read through my work and make suggestions on how to improve my work.

If I continue to offer my books for sale on Amazon, or Smashwords, or even privately is extremely rewarding. Holding a printed version of my book in my hands was a dream come true, even if it was only a copy printed at a local printer. I fully understand the excitement one must feel…continue reading ⇒

Temporal Destiny Cover Art & Character Introductions

rsz_2_-_temporal_destiny_coverThe cover design for Temporal Destiny has arrived and I am really excited. I never thought that would happen, but Erica has outdone herself.  The decision to go with the same basic design but alter the title and cover colour makes the series easier to follow and locate.

In Temporal Destiny we meet a completely new cast of characters. Set hundreds of years into the future we find Dorganna back up to her tricks. Only this time the task is not to create a sword but to find the 6 blades and reassemble them. Changes have occurred to their world, people have forgotten the purpose of the sword and even the location.

Tatiana, a…continue reading ⇒

An international cover affair

Let me share the story about the creation of the cover for my latest work. I decided to try and change to existing cover for my series and found I couldn’t do it. A number of years has passed since the original work was commissioned and I may have lost the original files. I’m not sure what had happened to them.

Ericas LogoI checked in with my Crit partner, Alex Binkley, about suggestions on who to contact concerning the creation of a new cover. He had previously put me in touch with Rayne Hall and I participated in a number of her online courses and really enjoyed them…continue reading ⇒

Whose Cup is it?

What started out as a favour for my next door neighbour has morphed into an idea for a new book. But I am getting ahead of myself. Bruce approached me after listening to my descriptions of parts of my series that I am working on and asked if I could write the backstory for a character he had developed in a local D&D group. I said yes, needing a diversion at the time from editing.

The first of 5 characters came out of the discussion. Grog, a Barbarian is shunned in his clan and forced to leave. Freeda, a Halfling with a chip on her shoulder larger than her full 4′ stature wants to become an aggressive spell caster. Not…continue reading ⇒

A Warrior Maidens choice of Armour

If you are a gamer like I am, especially one who plays a fantasy MMO, you will have noticed that a madiens armour is somewhat lacking. A male warrior, paladin, or death knight is covered from head-to-toe with plate and usually have large helms that completely cover their heads. While the ladies armour is crafted to show off their shapely figures and draw attention to them rather than protect them.

Collegehumor has produced a video on You Tube that deals with that very problem. Make sure you watch it to the very end.