The Eye of Zul

Eye-of-Zul-with-textThis is the first of 6 books in a series I am developing. It contains the history and back-story for the remainder of the series. Check the eBook Downloads Page to get your free copy.

Here is a sample from Chapter 1.

The GuildMaster stood at the lectern impatiently waiting for this year’s group of apprentices to settle down carefully watching one particular candidate. As the noise grew it soon became obvious they were too excited. Coughing loudly he glared with a cold stare when a number of them kept up their discussion.

Raising his voice to get their attention he began. “A story, just what is a story? Is it…continue reading ⇒

Dragon Slayer


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“Recruits prepare to meet your Dragons ….” screamed Freeda Westwind, tracker, survivor, and Commanding Officer of the newly created Dragon Slayer School.

“Just who the hell does that bitch think she is? I could whup her ass anytime, any place.”

“What was that squeak?” screamed a Drill Instructor pointing at the recruit. “Commander, we have at least one in this group.”

“Assemble this motley excuse for recruits around the pit, and place that piece of guano in the center. Don’t start without me,” she said with a nasty grin spreading across her face.

Every class is the same, some jackass has to prove…continue reading ⇒

Loq’rim’s Gambit

Loq’rims Gambit is my entry for the 2010 NaNoWriMo. It was the first year I had attempted to take part in the covercompetition: 50K words in 30 days. Get your free copy of this book on my eBooks Download Page.

Chapter 1

The year was, no one could remember exactly, but they did know it was 2950 days after the fall. The fall of what, no one could remember, life just went on as usual. Loq’rim trudged through the snow dressed in a rough shirt, and pants that were meant for summer wear. His boots, loosely held in place by strips of leather, gripped his bulging feet like gloves….continue reading ⇒