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The Eye of Zul

Eye-of-Zul-with-textThis is the first of 6 books in a series I am developing. It contains the history and back-story for the remainder of the series. Check the eBook…continue reading ⇒

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Covenant of the Faceless Knights!


Gary Vanucci

..From Covenant of the Faceless Knights!

The orc bore down on him quickly and was only within a few arms lengths. He could see the…continue reading ⇒

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Secrets of the Ebonite Mines


Gary Vanucci’s approach to writing is refreshing and new. He weaves an excellent story that draws the reader in, makes them feel like they are really…continue reading ⇒

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In the Year 2525

Slowly he stretched, muscles long ago replaced by artificial substances, dormant after little use for such a long period. His brain, having just completed an inventory check, carefully detached itself from the network that had been his home for…continue reading ⇒

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Michael J. McCann

Marcies-murder-coverMichael writes mystery and I must admit I am relatively new to this genre. While I do enjoy stories like the Bourne series Micheal’s writing was something new. I…continue reading ⇒

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