An international cover affair

Let me share the story about the creation of the cover for my latest work. I decided to try and change to existing cover for my series and found I couldn’t do it. A number of years has passed since the original work was commissioned and I may have lost the original files. I’m not sure what had happened to them.

Ericas LogoI checked in with my Crit partner, Alex Binkley, about suggestions on who to contact concerning the creation of a new cover. He had previously put me in touch with Rayne Hall and I participated in a number of her online courses and really enjoyed them (her courses are informative, well laid out, and will teach you a lot about the craft of writing). Rayne has had a number of covers designed by Erica and was clearly impressed with her work. Contact was made, Rayne provided Erica’s email address and everything else is history. After a short discussion via email about the book she produced the cover you see.

Now comes the interesting part. I am here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Rayne is in the United Kingdom, Erica is in the United States attending University. Isn’t the digital world great.

Erica can be found at Check out her work. Drop her a line if you have some work for her. You will be surprised and very pleased with her work. I know I am.

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