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Temporal Destiny Cover Art & Character Introductions

rsz_2_-_temporal_destiny_coverThe cover design for Temporal Destiny has arrived and I am really excited. I never thought that would happen, but Erica has outdone herself.  The decision to go with the same basic…continue reading ⇒

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An international cover affair

Let me share the story about the creation of the cover for my latest work. I decided to try and change to existing cover for my series and found I couldn’t do it. A number of years has passed…continue reading ⇒

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Whose Cup is it?

What started out as a favour for my next door neighbour has morphed into an idea for a new book. But I am getting ahead of myself. Bruce approached me after listening to my descriptions of parts of my…continue reading ⇒

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A Warrior Maidens choice of Armour

If you are a gamer like I am, especially one who plays a fantasy MMO, you will have noticed that a madiens armour is somewhat lacking. A male warrior, paladin, or death knight is covered from head-to-toe with plate…continue reading ⇒

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The Eye of Zul

Eye-of-Zul-with-textThis is the first of 6 books in a series I am developing. It contains the history and back-story for the remainder of the series. Check the eBook…continue reading ⇒

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